“Dor” one for one initiative

“Dor” One For One Initiative

About DOR

The concept of “one for one” has been evolved from United States during the dark age of slavery when all slaves were denied education, even learning to read. Dor has been designed in three layers:
  • • Financial assistance
  • • Cognitive assistance
  • • Campaign assistance

The team of Dor will identify the areas with the higher number of dropout and “never been to school” children. Then next level of the implementation will be to tie up with the local clubs and KMC / Government sponsored schools for using their premises for conducting regular classes.


Overall objective: Imparting better quality education and minimizing early dropouts
Intervention logic Means of verification Expected outcome
Identification of areas with higher number of non school going children and children with need of better quality education • Baseline report • Area profile • At least 200 enrolments under the initiative of Dor
Identification of donors and volunteers who will the flag bearers of this initiative • Donors database • Volunteers’ attendance and performance reports • Linkage with at least 200 donors and 50 volunteers who can devote 120 minutes time in a week
Piloting the campaign in the identified areas • Campaign activities as per the monthly plan • Participation of community people


Like there is an area of darkness under every bright light, similarly even after implementation of RTE 2009 which essentially ensures free and compulsory education for the children till the age of 14, there have been a significant amount of children who never came under the umbrella of the said act. The truth is that today, more than 50% of students in Grade 5 cannot read a Grade 2 text or solve a simple numerical problem. “Dor” is a unique initiative which will create a platform to bridge these gaps.