7 Tips For Creating Successful Partnerships With NGOs

7 Tips For Creating Successful Partnerships With NGOs

7 tips for creating successful partnerships with NGOs

In today’s world, we all need to stand strong together to create a better world out there. On one hand, where businesses across the world are blooming, issues like poverty, crime, etc. are also increasing at an alarming rate.

We all know and value the contribution of NGOs for the good of our society and can never overlook their significant role in different sectors. Now, for private sectors, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a way to contribute towards the betterment of society. 

There are a lot of valid reasons for which private businesses should partner with NGOs. 

NGOs looking for a partnership with private sector organizations aimed at collaborating for raising funds so as to achieve their listed goals in a better way. There are a number of shared goals in successful NGO business partnerships. 

Let’s have a quick look at these shared goals for a better understanding of why partner with an NGO? The key shared goals within successful NGO business partnerships are as follows:

  1. Partner NGOs strategize to make peaceful and secure societies with a stable environment and well-governed conditions. 
  2. In any NGO partnership proposal, encouraging healthy living conditions for a healthy community is a major factor. Contributing to reducing rates of disease comes along as a base for the former.  
  3. Partner NGOs closely work with private sector organizations to strengthen local communities by providing work scopes and necessary livelihood chances. 
  4. NGO partnership proposal focusses on sharing values that usually promote, support and nurture financially, psychologically and physically successful communities.
  5. They both also contribute as much as they could to empower marginalized groups in order to reduce inequality in societies.

In today’s world, where economic distribution is evidently poor amongst different strata of societies, there is a dire need for more and more NGO business partnership examples. 

These partnerships can prove to be really effective in revolutionizing the social, economic and psychological milieu. For any successful CSR partnerships and initiatives, there are certain tips and tricks which experts in the field usually recommend. So, let’s take a look at some tips for creating successful NGO business partnerships in society:

  • Cause: In order to partner NGOs in an effective manner, the first and foremost step is to look for a cause which your private sector company wants to support. A cause that clearly aligns with your organizational values and business ethics. And then accordingly, find the potential NGO partners.
  • Values, mission, and vision: ‘How to partner with NGOs’? 

If that’s the question then always look for an NGO whose values, mission and vision align with your business. Also, the NGO should possess a bunch of professional experts from the field and hard-working staff. 


  • Involvement of leadership: It is crucial to rope in top-level management like CEOs, founders and operating chiefs for leadership roles from both sides in the partnership. This increases the credibility and gravity of the partnership while paving the way for great mutual understanding in strategic collaboration.
  • Define roles clearly: The roles, duties, and responsibilities for both the parties in the partnership should be defined and set clearly from the very beginning. It will not only help in smooth operations in the long run but also prevent clashes of responsibilities and thus any further confusion and discrepancies.
  • Role of core competency: Every private sector company has its own set of key strengths and competencies. Like for a private sector company, its marketing strategies are really good whereas, for an NGO, its expertise in handling environmental issues is the game-changer. So, always try to make the best use of each other’s core competencies for a successful partnership.
  • Trust your partner: In any partnership, trust plays a vital role in making it successful. As an investing private sector company, always trust your NGO partner and vice-versa.  Gradually and strategically develop an equation where there is no hesitation while communicating thoughts, issues, opinions, and inputs.
  • Partnership or just a ‘partnership’: Any NGO partnership definition should include opinions on whether a company should consider an NGO partnership proposal as a long term investment option or just for the sake of CSR!

For successful NGO business partnerships and in order to create effective results, the CSR strategies must include long-term goals like building cohesive future relations and initiating sustainable steps for a better tomorrow.

Yes, there’s no denying that partnering with NGOs is challenging and can get extremely complicated at times; but it can definitely benefit both the private sector companies and NGOs. Together, in accordance with effective strategies, they can build a thoughtful environment for all.

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