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Our Activities


  • In the year 1971, Bishwanath Naru a fish-seller by profession from Dum Dum park, along with his friends thought of starting a small primary school in the area that will impart education to the children in the colony. Due to their untiring efforts, a free primary school, Swami Vivekanada Vidyamandir was established on 7th January 1974. To help him in his efforts, others like Mrs. Kanika Kundu and Mrs. Durga Ghosh have been teaching in this school for many years. There are five teaching staffs along with a help and Mr. Naru himself.
  • As the years passed by, the number of students increased manifold. However, the school lacked proper infrastructural facilities to be able to accommodate about 200 students. In 1976, Calcutta Urban Services provided the school some financial assistance till 2001. The organization paid a salary as nominal as Rs. 50 to the teachers working there.
  • After 2001 they received some help from local donations, till another NGO called Mass Welfare started providing financial support to the school. (2012). Currently, they pay salaries of Rs. 1500 to the teachers.
  • There are 70 students, however about 60/50 students attend on a regular basis. Many students have left the school as several English medium and other government aided schools have come up in the locality. Mr. Naru complained of retention of students being one of the primary problems of the school.


  • 1. Bathroom Construction and providing school uniforms and stationeries.
  • 2. Further renovation of the school is already in process which shall include proper divisions of classrooms along with other sanitary needs which need to be catered to.


  • The orphanage named Maheshpur Rakhalchandra Sevashram is situated about 90 kms. away from Kolkata in a place called Shivgunj. The orphanage, headed and funded by Mr. Amol Pandit, was started in 1990 and has provided shelter and education to several orphaned boys for nearly 25 years. Currently, there are 18 boys aged between
    3 /4 years to 16/17 years, along with the staff and Mr. Pandit himself.
  • The institute is mainly funded through Amol Babu’s salary as a teacher at the nearby govt. aided school. Other than this he also receives occasional support from his friends and other well wishers. However, there is no fixed assistance that he receives from external sources. Amol Babu is slated to retire after 8 months and is concerned over the funding of the organization after his retirement. Along with the orphanage he also simultaneously runs a homeopathic dispensary. A doctor from Canning is brought over once a week (on Friday) frp consultation. The dispensary has an average of 100-120 patients every Friday. Rs. 5 is charged from each of the patients for consultation and medicines.


  • 1. Sponsorship of Meal for all the Children of Rakhal Chandra Ashram in Canning, West Bengal, India. This meal has been planned in a way which includes all the nutritious food required everyday.
  • 2. Sponsorship of other basic amenities such as mosquito nets, stationery, fans etc. ensuring a better lifestyle.
  • 3. Other needs of the ashram have been considered and additional requirements shall be met soon.


  • 1. Neha Sarkar: A resident of Kolkata, currently pursuing B.Ed from Rajabazar Science College.
  • 2. Simran Balmiki: A 7 year old girl who after her father’s death was adopted by us. She is currently taking her elementary education from Gyan Bharti School, Kolkata
  • 3. Sheetal Pramanik: A resident of Dhanbad who comes from a middle class background is pursuing her Masters course through our sponsorship.
  • 4. Shristi Suman: She comes from a similar background as that of Ms. Pramanik and is pursuing the Chartered Accountancy Course under our sponsorship.
  • 5. Sanjib Panigrahi: A resident of Kolkata whose father is a driver by profession, he is pursuing a course of Electrical Engineering from Future Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata.
  • 6. Prithviraj Bandhopadhyay: A resident of Behala who is currently preparing for the entrance exams for Indian Statistical Institute.
  • 7. Priyanka Agarwal: A resident of Rishra, Hooghly, West Bengal, pursuing her Company Secretaryship course from ICSI, Kolkata.